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Martha Bowman United Methodist Church has been a continuously worshipping community for 200 years.


History is such a powerful thing. All over the world, people travel to visit prestigious museums to learn about things from times past. People spend years researching the past and crafting carefully curated books and projects on the past. Others, spend time reading and studying the history books. 

Martha Bowman United Methodist Church has a rich history that goes back past any of our lifetimes. But, she has a rich history within many of our lifetimes as well. People have made grown up in this community, celebrated births, made vows of marriage, mourned those who have passed, celebrated milestones, and built relationships here to last a lifetime. People have served the Lord, studied his word, encouraged one another, committed to be a part of the body, and brought resources and the gospel outside of our church community. 


As we celebrate 200 years together, let us share the histories we each have in this place. Let us share what the Lord has done at Martha Bowman United Methodist Church and worship him through telling the stories of his faithfulness to our congregation.


Let his faithfulness in our history be a promise of his faithfulness to come in our future. 

Enjoy reading the stories of our community below and share yours with us as well.

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